Process of Learning is Dynamic and so is HOW you LEARN it.


It is needless to say – Learning is a Continuous Process. Yet, many a times we do not realize WHAT we learnt and WHEN the data was archived in our big brain!

This cognitive phenomenon of seamless memory storage and retention is so close to our own style of ‘thought process’, that it almost feels like a Natural ingestion of knowledge. The Data that seamlessly gets transferred from  various environmental mediums into our Brain Cells, and gets stored there for eons which would be used for processing – Day In and Day Out.

What is this Medium – that makes learning process so Easy and Effective?


Well, like all other influencing parameters, ‘Medium of Learning’ is also a very, very subjective factor. The intensity and The impact varies from person to person and from one medium to another. There are umpteen methods and mediums of learning : starting from the most effective method – The formal education ( school taught) to Auto-didacticism (The Self thought way of querying and solving by oneself). Research has shown that the school education has proven to be the most effective medium for most people up-to centuries till now. Here we stand in the rising stages of the Third Millennium with Technology as the heart and core of it. And along with it blooms certain new beginnings.

What is now new and how do we embrace and harness it?

ezgif-4-5f4eb1494a7c.gifThe change is not in Education in itself but the “Tool” used for rendering it. All along, there had been not much of a hesitation in adapting new tools for the teaching and learning process. Starting from cave man’s Oral instructions, clay, twigs and stones — to the usage of calcium-chalks, pens, paper and projectors : The evolution of tools used had not just been progressive but also swiftly adapted in the past.

But, when you look around : In today’s environment with upbeat technical advancements, the Smart phones and screens are Omnipresent. The impact of smart phones and internet has made most of us appreciate the knowledge it has unboxed, yet hardly a few who would pick it up and make it as a common tool for formal Education and Learning process.

Here at Imerzon we are part of the few early adopters of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies (eureca) for children’s education and cognitive enhancement.


While there are researches ongoing to establish both Pros & Cons of screen usage by children of the digital era, one thing is for sure – There isn’t any unwinding of technology from mankind  in the near future. Children in this millennia are born and grown in media rich homes and environment. Their attention and attraction to digital displays and smart devices is a natural behavior. Surveys and Researches has shown that more than 50% of the children are prone to usage of smart devices and screen time for at least 1 hour a day.  It is wise to say that by channelizing the Screen Time there is more probability in reducing the negative impact of digital devices on the child’s physical and mental development.

More so the impact can be reversed from negative to Positive by  using technology as an Enabler in the most predominant medium — “The school education”.

We believe that – alongside teachers if technology can take a permanent place at classrooms and home environments – it can eventually accelerate the process of Learning for children.

It can be provide a whole new level of experience, fun and learning process within both the school and home premises.  Also, it can unwind and unbox further deep into every child’s mind, providing both the comfort of fundamental concepts and yet the unlimited space of Creativity & Deep learning. 

It is indeed time to agree that – these Digital Displays and Smart Interactive devices are ‘THE MEDIUM’ which is held close to children of today’s world and to their very own way of ‘Thinking Process’.

The discussion and dialogue about this learning process doesn’t end here. Do follow this space to discuss further and get to know about how everyone can be a part of this growing journey with advancement of technologies.


What it takes to get Married? And what more if it is NOT your Bestie!!!

In a world which offers many things to all planters,
we offer ourselves and one another person – Everything that we behold.
It is that phase and commitment in life, which is called “Marriage”.

Be it any type of a person you are – Do you wish for a Successful Marriage?

If your answer is “Yes“, then you are no longer that “person” you thought you could be forever in life. Oh Yes! that is the reality.
Marriage takes almost anything you have or had including your
a) School of Thought and  b) Your best friend.
Well, you might think its weird to even bring these two references as part of what it takes to get married !! Sorry, I humbly think these two go hand- in-hand; very much like a successful married couple.

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And what more if it is NOT your Bestie!!!”